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  Welcome to Jaffa Hindu Ladies College.     Help We are urgently in need of.

This is our first effort to bring to the information highway relevant news about Jaffna Hindu Ladies’ College (JHLC). Many old students and well wishers of our College who are starved of information may find the contents of our pages useful. The quality of what you see can be improved if you give your feedback. You may also provide information about yourself and the work that you are doing to help our Alma Mater.

Mrs. V. Perinpanathan

B.Sc., Dip in Edu, SLPS 1





Due to the conditions prevailing in Jaffna, the students, teachers and the Principal are maintaining our great institution with difficulties. We trust that some of these problems could be handled with generous support from old girls and well-wishers living outside the country. Old girls and teachers may also get an opportunity to communicate with their former colleagues, students and teachers.